Regional Blood Centre Gilgit
Government of Gilgit

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What We Do?

A 360 blood bank facility, that collects, stores and distributes.

Share your Blood donation experience

People can write reviews of their experiences, talk about the emotional angle.

Blood on the GO!

RBC’s Blood Vans will reach people within the city and remote areas.

Regional Blood Center Gilgit


Creating programs that spread awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation.

Blood Collection

Safely collecting and storing blood for efficient transfusion services.

Serology and TTI Screening

Testing blood to ensure quality standards for future usage.

Blood Component Preparation

Registering and labeling blood for quick identification and seamless processing.

Blood Storage

Storing blood in optimal conditions to maintain quality.

Inventory and Distribution

Following requests from hospitals and patients for fast & safe distribution of blood.

Hospital Blood Banks


Storing blood under optimal conditions to maintain quality and longevity.


Tests which help to categorize and check all donor blood.


Blood is ready for transfusion after it is safely collected by the laboratory.


Ensuring quality before, during and after the blood transfusion process.